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Lawyers in the financial services industry have a range of legal expertise that covers all aspects of the financial spectrum, resulting in advice and insights that is invaluable for firms and clients across the sector.

There are a multitude of rules and regulations that help govern the industry meaning that legal advisors can have a tough job navigating the maze of laws and requirements, so the 2017 Financial Services Law Awards have been created to highlight and celebrate the hard work and success of these dedicated firms, teams and individuals.

As with all of our awards, they are given out purely on merit, as we do not take into any consideration the size, reputation or location of a company. Instead, our focus is on the devoted, passionate, the pioneers, those who are changing the game within this industry. Once the voting has been closed our own in-house research team is set to work, doing rigorous research to ensure that those who win can be rest assured that their award was truly deserved.

In order for this to be a true representation of the very best that the industry has to offer, we need your votes. To nominate, please use the voting form below to cast your vote.

Voting is now closed

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