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The 2017 European Law Awards brings to the stand and celebrates the leading lights of this truly captivating industry. Filled to the brim with game-changers, innovative thinkers and powerful firms and individuals, the Law industry across Europe is a force to be reckoned with. This award has been designed to highlight the dedication, skills and success both firms and individuals have had in this industry.

As with all our awards, they are based on merit and merit alone. Regardless the size of the firm or the location, only the accomplishments achieved over the last 12-months are recognised. Once the voting closes, our dedicated in-house research team get set to work, leaving no-stone unturned to ensure that each of award winners can rest assured that their win was one truly deserved.

Our awards recognise all aspects and levels of the Law domain, choosing not to solely focus on the obvious candidate, but to cast a light on those in the background who support those in the forefront of this industry.

For this to be a true representation of the very best talent with the Law sector from across Europe, we need your votes. If you believe there is a firm or an individual worthy of such an accolade, then please fill out the voting form below to cast your vote and make your voice heard.

European Law Awards 2017

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